Brave Browser Download Android: Earn Money With Fast, Safe, Private Browser

Browse Anything And Earn Money.

The Brave Privacy Browser is your quick, free, and safe private internet browser with adblocker and pop-up blocker. Secretly browse and search without being followed by publicists, malware, and pop-ups.

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πŸ”’ Fast & Secure Web Browser
No external plugins or settings! Brave privacy browser basically gives the most secure, extremely quick internet browser for Android. Enjoy free private browsing and private search without popups (pop up blocker), promotions, malware, and different irritations.

πŸ™ˆ Private Browsing App
Enjoy quick, secure, private browsing. Get free adblocker to block promotions, anonymous browsing history, customized private inquiry, and private tabs for private browsing.

πŸ”‹ Battery & Data Saver
Brave is a fast web browser! Brave decreases page stacking times, improves internet browser performance and blocks ads infected with malware. Brave Privacy App shows a 2x to 4x speed increase on Android, saving your battery and data.

🚫 AdBlock Web Browser
The Brave Private Browser App is planned with a free built-in AdBlocker (pop up blocker). Brave’s free adBlocker shields you from advertisements that track you as you browse the mobile web, making sure about your protection and private browsing history.

πŸ™ˆ Automatic Privacy – AdBlock Browser Protection
The Brave Private Browser App also protects you with leading privacy and security features such as HTTPS Everywhere (encrypted data traffic), script blocking, 3rd party cookie blocking, and incognito private tabs.

App Features
* Free Private browser
* Free built-in AdBlocker
* Private Browser with pop up blocker (blocks ads)
* Safe private browsing
* Saves data and battery
* Invasive Ad-free web browser
* Sync Bookmarks securely
* Free tracking protection web browser
* Https Everywhere (for security)
* Script Blocker
* 3rd party cookie blocker
* Private bookmarks
* Browsing history
* Recent and private tabs
* Fast, free, private search engine
* Fast, free, private search engine using DuckDuckGo

Brave Rewards


With your old browser, you paid to browse the web by viewing ads. Now, Brave welcomes you to the new Internet. One where your time is valued, your own information is kept hidden, and you really stand out enough to be noticed.

About Brave
Our central goal is to spare the web by making a protected, private, and fast browser while growing ad revenue for content creators. Brave plans to change the online advertisement biological system with micropayments and another income sharing solution to give users and publishers a better deal, where safe, fast browsing is the path to a brighter future for an open web.

To learn more about the Brave Privacy Browser App, which has a built-in 3rd party Ad Block and pop-up blocker, plus tracking and security protection, please go to

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